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"Nine gamblers could not feed a single rooster." - Yugoslav Proverb


Corey vs. Zack - ZACK

Bet: $25

Corey finishes higher ---> Corey wins

Zack finishes higher ---> Zack wins

Reagan vs. Zack - ZACK

Bet: $20

Justin Fields gets drafted 3rd ---> Reagan wins

Justin Fields doesn't get drafted 3rd ---> Zack wins

Bet: $10 - ZACK

TJ Hockenson scores more fantasy points than Dallas Goedert ---> Zack wins

Dallas Goedert scores more fantasy points than TJ Hockenson ---> Reagan wins


Austin H. vs. John - WASH

Bet: $100

  • Bryce makes playoffs, Buccaneers don't: Austin H. wins

  • Buccaneers make playoffs, Bryce doesn't: John wins

  • Both Bryce and Buccaneers make playoffs: wash

  • Neither Bryce nor Buccaneers make playoffs: wash


David vs. Reagan - REAGAN

Bet: $50

  • Buccaneers make playoffs: Reagan wins

  • Buccaneers miss playoffs: David wins


Reagan vs. Zack - WASH

Bet: $5

  • OJ Howard traded for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round pick: Reagan wins

  • OJ Howard traded for 4th round pick or player: wash

  • OJ Howard traded for 5th, 6th or 7th round pick: Zack wins 


Reagan vs. Zack - REAGAN

Bet: 2022 3rd 

  • If Daniel Jones plays 15 games and is a top-12 fantasy quarterback: Zack wins

  • If Daniel Jones plays 15 games and is below a top-12 quarterback: Reagan wins

***Update: Zack relinquishes his bet with this statement:***

"With this deal, I am admitting defeat in my bet with Reagan that Danny Dimes WILL NOT be a top-12 QB in the 2020 season."


Bryce vs. John

Bet: $25 league fees for 2020

Result: John beat Bryce in Week 9, 175.50 - 93.15

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