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Threat Level: Midnight Dynasty League

Co-Commisioners: Austin Bettis and Zack VerHulst

Treasurer: Austin Heeres

The Basics

  • This is a DYNASTY LEAGUE. Owners are expected to commit to playing for the foreseeable future. The idea is to create a league that will be competitive and a great way to interact with friends throughout the coming years. Owner turnover in this type of league will ruin the experience and fun for everyone. If you are not willing to be an active participant for multiple years, please say so now and let someone else have your spot.

  • In the event of a team winning the championship three years consecutively, the league will completely start over and a Startup Draft will be held the following year.

  • 12 teams, no divisions (For the first year. This is subject to change)

  • League year runs from after NFL Week 17 through Week 17 of the following season

  • Yearly dues are $25. Payment is due before each year’s rookie draft

  • Payouts will be as follows: 

    • Third Place: $25

    • Runner Up: $90

    • Champion: $185; rights to house trophy for the following season; NFL jersey of choice paid for by league loser ($25 max); Team and Owner name commemorated on the league trophy

  • If an owner needs to be replaced for any reason at any time, the League Commissioner may seek out replacements via suggestions of other league members or through personal methods.

League Startup Draft

  • In order to fill out initial team rosters, we will conduct a startup draft. Startup Draft order will be randomized and will be in snake draft format. The draft will be 25 rounds. Trading startup draft picks and future rookie draft picks is permitted.


  • Each team shall have an active roster of 25 players

    • 10 starters

    • 15 bench spots

  • Starting lineups will be as follows:

    • QB

    • RB

    • RB

    • WR

    • WR

    • TE



    • K

    • DEF/ST

  • Owners are expected to submit a competitive lineup every week. This means not submitting partial/incomplete lineups or starting players who are on a bye week. If at kickoff any owner has not submitted a lineup, the league commissioner will do so for them.

  • If you are habitually starting players on byes or have missed as many as two total lineup submissions, the commissioner reserves the right to remove you from the league without refund of your paid dues.


  • Trading is highly encouraged in the league as it is the best way to improve your team or rebuild for the future. Plus, it just makes things more fun.

  • A trade deadline will be imposed on the Tuesday after week 9 during the regular season. No trades will be allowed from that time until the NFL Draft.

  • Trades may include draft picks for the current season (if the rookie draft has not yet happened) and/or one year in the future.

  • Trades are processed immediately upon acceptance of the trade by both owners unless it's in the middle of that week’s games. There is no league vote veto system. It’s your team. You do you. Just don’t be a idiot. 

  • All trades are final unless there is obvious collusion. If collusion is suspected, a league-wide vote will take place with majority rules.

Gameplay and Conduct

  • All owners are expected to be active participants in the league. Owners are expected to strive to create a winner. Owners who ignore their team and the league shall be deemed unfit and removed from the league. 

  • Activity is expected in the following:

    • Setting Lineups

    • Trades

      • Teams are required to respond to trade proposals in a timely manner

      • Participate and vote in league proposals

  • Please actively use GroupMe or the Message Boards for league-wide communication. This can include general discussions, trash talk, and official league business.

  • Intentionally tanking games, whether to help a friend or vie for a better draft pick, is unacceptable and can result in expulsion from the league. Put what you believe to be your best lineup out there every week. Don’t be a cheater.

  • The league regular season will be held from Week 1 through Week 13 of the NFL season.

  • Each team will play all other teams once and will play two teams twice during the regular season.


  • All scoring rules can be found here:

    • Passing

      • Passing Yards: 0.05

      • Touchdown Passes: 6

      • Interceptions Thrown: -2

      • 2 Point Conversion Pass: 2

    • Rushing

      • Rushing Yards: 0.1

      • Rushing Touchdowns: 6

      • 2 Point Conversion Rush: 2

    • Receiving

      • Receiving Yards: 0.1

      • Receptions: 0.5

      • Touchdown Reception: 6

      • 2 Point Conversion Reception: 2

    • Miscellaneous

      • Fumble Lost: -2

      • Return TD: 6

    • Kicking

      • PAT Made: 1

      • PAT Missed: -2

      • FG Made (0-39): 3

      • FG Made (40-49): 4

      • FG Made (50+): 5

    • Team Defense:

      • Sacks: 1

      • Interception: 2

      • Fumble Recovery: 2

      • Safety: 2

      • Blocked Punt/PAT/FG: 2

      • Interception Return TD: 6

      • Fumble Return TD: 6

      • Blocked Punt/FG Return TD: 6

      • 0 Points Allowed: 10

      • 1-6 Points Allowed: 7

      • 7-13 Points Allowed: 4

      • 14-20 Points Allowed: 1

      • 21-27 Points Allowed: 0

      • 28-34 Points Allowed: -1

      • 35+ Points Allowed: -4


  • The six teams with the best record during the regular season will advance to the playoffs.

  • For any ties in the regular season record, the tiebreakers will be in this order:

    • Total Points

    • Head-to-head record

  • The top two seeds will receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs. The Playoff schedule will be:

    • Week 14: 

      • 3rd Place vs 6th Place

      • 4th Place vs 5th Place

    • Week 15:

      • Winner of 3rd Place game vs. 2nd Place

      • Winner of 4th Place game vs. 1st Place

    • Week 16:

      • Championship

      • 3rd Place Game 


  • There will be no league activity from Super Bowl Sunday until the third week of March. 

Rookie Draft

  • Each offseason there will be a 4-round rookie draft which will be held about 2 weeks after the actual NFL draft.

  • This “rookie” draft will proceed in the defined order for all rounds just like the actual NFL draft. There is no snake-like order here. The order is as follows:

    • Picks 1-6 are reverse order of record for teams that don't make the playoffs. The worst record gets the 1st overall pick.

    • Picks 7-12 are reverse order of playoff finish, with the league champion picking 12th.

  • After the conclusion of the draft, a new year of draft picks can be traded.

Preseason Waivers

  • Waivers will open on the Tuesday of Week 1 of the NFL Preseason. The League will operate a rolling waivers system.

  • One week prior to the first NFL Pre-Season game, rosters must be cut to 25 players or less. The commissioner will make the cuts if a team misses this deadline.

The League Rule Proposal System

  • Owners may submit proposals which will add or change the rules of the league

  • Any owner wishing to submit a proposal may do so in the league Yahoo message board or via the GroupMe app.

  • The league will have a discussion on each offseason during the months of February and March. During this time, a formal list of proposals will be generated from those submitted up to that point in time.

  • After the discussion period, the proposed rule changes will be voted on by all league members. A proposal will pass if it receives a majority vote."

  • All rules that would affect the competitive balance of the league (ie. roster changes, large scoring changes, etc.) that get approved, will be put into effect over a 2-year period to allow owners to adjust their rosters accordingly.


  • Because of the inability to include all possible scenarios in these rules, the commissioner will assume the governing position for the league. If any issues or suggestions come up, the commissioner will determine the correct course of action, gain the approval of the majority of the league, and consequently enforce whatever action is necessary to maintain fair, fun, and honest play.

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