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Rivalry Week 2: Week 13 Review and Week 14 Preview

It's rivalry week once more! Our final week of the regular season brings us some fun hijinks and some lopsided matchups. Unfortunately for us, the playoff teams have been pretty much set to this point aside from the last spot. Zack has locked the first bye spot and both Reagan and Corey are fighting for the second bye. Unfortunately for Reagan, he goes through our reigning champion. Unfortunately for John, his only hope for a magical playoff run is for Jordan to pull out a W against Zach. Unfortunately for Heery, Bettis has most of his studs on bye this week, therefore it was a good run to have both the 1.01 and the 1.02 in the 2023 draft. Fortunately for Jordan, he is projected 70 points less than his opponent. Congrats on the 2nd pick Jordan.


Week 13 Review

Zack had a low-performing week, winning the lopsided Brother Bowl, doubling Jordan's score. Reagan beat out Zeke by 20 points, securing his chance for a playoff bye. David narrowly squeaked out a victory against Heery because of a Monday Night game from Leonard Fournette. Tom barely beat Bettis even with Lamar going out with injury. John blasted Zach with a week-high total of 168 points thanks to 7 skill position touchdowns and 162 yards from Garrett Wilson.


Week 14 Preview

Game of the Week is between Zack (11-1, first) and Reagan (10-3, first loser) and involves another Movie Review. With a win, Zack gets two things: Reagan loses out on a bye week next week and also has to watch a very homoerotic film called "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds." With a win, Reagan gets two things: a bye week next week and Zack to watch "Dr. Strangelove," which he reveals that, "I just want to see if you like it, 'cause I loved it." Kind of an interested dichotomy here, knowing Zack HATES movies not in the 2000s.

Corey (10-3, third) battles up against his homie, Tom (9-4, fifth). Tom will be without Lamar Jackson this week and probably most weeks ahead. He will be starting his third San Francisco quarterback in Brock Purdy. Sounds like a purdy quick exit in the playoffs to me.

David (9-4, fourth) looks to beat down Zeke (4-9, ninth).

Zach (7-6, sixth) should knock down Jordan (3-10, tenth), giving Jordan the 1.02 pick as reparations for losing out on Bijan.

John (7-6, seventh) will destroy Bryce (1-11, dead last) probably.

Bettis (4-9, eighth) should lose to Heery (2-11, eleventh) with all the byes.


Weekly Pick 'Em

Heery (Last Week: 4-2, Overall: 60-18)

Reagan, Corey, David, Zach, John, Heery

Reagan (Last Week: 3-3, Overall: 58-20)

Reagan, Corey, David, Zach, John, Bettis

Zack (Last Week: 5-1, Overall: 58-20)

Zack, Corey, David, Zach, John, Heery

TWO MORE EPISODES OF WIRST TAKE LEFT: Next week and Championship Week

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