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Week 11 Review and Week 12 Preview

As we gather around the kids table this Thanksgiving, chatting about politics both red and blue, when you'll have more grandkids, and how poorly you're dressed around great grandma, take a moment to think about some of the Threat Level: Midnight Dynasty League things we're thankful for:

  1. The fact that you guys take time out of your days to read most of the words on each blog

  2. The trash talk that occurs

  3. The false confidence some of you have in your mild successes

  4. Fair trades and trades that prove lopsided (a la David Johnson 2016)

  5. Zack's quarterback problems

  6. The group of guys we play with

  7. First-round rookie picks and surprise fourth-rounders

  8. Tom-foolery and silly goose times

  9. Wirst Take and all of the heat it brings

  10. KeepTradeCut and it's asinine ranking system

Week 11 Review

In last week's Week 11 preview section, I had written the following: "Hopefully, Heery can hold Tom's group under 150 points..." and good Lord that did not happen. Tom put up 170 against poor ol' Heery. Bryce lost, scoring 60 points again, matching his opponent's (David) average age of player. Corey mashed John's win-streak with a 50-point win. John's playoff hopes are still alive and this week could end up being dream or demise. Reagan took second place in a decisive victory against Zach, who fell to fifth. Zeke scored 107 against Jordan, who also matched David's player average age.

The real awesome story comes from Bettis vs. Zack. The in-law did in fact destroy the outlaw. Our league champion was bested by our multi-season champion. The Co-Comissioner Cup was decided by single digits, thanks to Jalen Hurts, Chris Olave, and the Gabe-Davis-like rise of Christian Watson. With two starting running backs emerging, Bettis combined 25 points from Latavius Murray and Isiah Pacheco. Poor, Zack. NOT! Thank you Bettis for doing that for us. Most of us could not and have failed.


Week 12 Preview

Game of the Week is between David (8-3, third) and Corey (8-3, fourth). Both teams have players playing on Thursday, but the league office members believe this game will be determined on Monday, as Corey is playing Jonathan Taylor against the Steelers. On the other hand, David has Josh Allen against the Lions...

After a really awesome loss, our reigning champion and current loser, Zack (10-1, first) is gonna do his absolute best to keep his head up after last week against Zach (7-4, fifth).

Reagan (8-3, second) is gonna commit murder on Heery (1-9, dead last), probably. The tendencies lean to a 200 to 45 matchup. The betting line is set at Reagan -100 points and 50,000 to 1 winning odds for Heery.

Tom (7-4, sixth) faces up against John (6-5, seventh). Another fun story related to John and his matchup. However, this one means more for John. We assume Tom is highly confident in his team. John has the support of the League to make a run. We love content here.

Zeke (4-7, eighth) faces up against Bettis (3-8, ninth). Fresh off of a season-defining victory against Zack, Bettis looks to make it two straight.

Jordan (2-9, eleventh) plays Bryce (1-10, dead last). Heery will be choosing Jordan's lineup and Jordan will be choosing Bryce's lineup in order to avoid high opacity. No Reagan Rules.


Weekly Pick 'Em

Heery (Last Week: 4-2, Overall: 52-14)

Zach, Reagan, David, Tom, Bettis, Jordan

Reagan (Last Week: 3-3, Overall: 49-17)

Zack, Reagan, Corey, Tom, Bettis, Jordan

Zack (Last Week: 5-1, Overall: 48-18)

Zack, Reagan, Corey, Tom, Bettis, Bryce

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