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Week 8 Review and Week 9 Preview

Hey, we're just about half-way through the NFL season, and there have been some bores and some eyesores in Threat Level: Midnight. Our playoffs may almost be set already, but the placement of said playoffs teams are still up in the air. John may make a sneaky entrance into the playoffs and shut out one of Zach or Tom. However, the bottom teams of our standings are poor as hell.


Week 8 Review

LOL, Zack scored over two bills against Bryce in a 216.85-64.85 runaway

TAKE IT EASY, ZACK, HE'S TENDER! For Bryce, Jared Goff was a bright spot, as was Ben Skowronek, Alec Pierce, and KJ Hamler. As it happens, Heery sent all four of those guys to him at some point this year. Ironic, no? Zack's guys scored eight touchdowns, led by Alvin Kamara's first two of the season, ending with 38 points and Derrick Henry's 35 points.

Take it easy, David... Jordan took that 192.6-61.4 loss to the face

David saw Zack's eight and raised him to 11 team touchdowns. There were three from D'Onta Foreman, I guess, and a three-of-a-kind from Christian McCaffrey. Adding to that, Deandre Hopkins caught 12 passes for 27.90 points.

Reagan takes out Corey and passes him in the standings after a 145.55-125.80 win

Corey's profound last few weeks from Josh Jacobs ended this week with a fun 54 total yards. Cooper Kupp, Mike Evans, and Dalvin Cook were super fun to play, but couldn't finish off Reagan like he hoped. Amari Cooper and Stefon Diggs pulled out the victory for Reagan with nearly 40 points combined. In addition, Reagan had another week-saving performance from his kicker, Jason Myers. Probably should buy a Myers jersey if he wins the championship...

Tom comes back to beat Zach for third straight win in our Game of the Week, 127.20-124.35

The Lions absolutely break my heart. So much fun and angst all packed into a sorry ass franchise. That being said, Zach cashed in (once again) on Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle combining for over 52 points. The Lions to me are like the Raiders to Zach this week as Derek Carr led his awesome team to less than three points. But hey, at least the Raiders' stud kicker made up for Carr's horrible outing, right? Wrong, he didn't kick anything but a single kickoff. Tom rode the back of his horse, Nick Chubb, and his two touchdowns on Monday night.

Playing an inactive kicker, John still beats Bettis by 20 in 143.60-121.55 victory

After a swift reminder from Reagan in the chat, John added a name-brand kicker in Chris Boswell. Unbeknownst to Mr. Elder, Boswell was named inactive at 11:40am on Sunday morning. Either way, roughly 76% of John's total points came from three players: Tua Tagovailoa (382 pass yards and 3 tds), AJ Brown (6 rec 156 yards 3 tds), and Tony Pollard (147 tot yards and 3 tds). No kicker, one Reagan Ruled receiver (Bateman), no problem.

Zeke relies on his namesake and Heery's old flames, wins 127.20-118.85

Zeke and Heery looked to be an alright matchup, but it turned out to be closer than expected. It was a fun little matchup against Heery's exes. Although he wasn't on Heery's team for long, Jerry Jeudy found the endzone for Mr. Unlimited. Heery's first rebuild pick, Travis Etienne Jr., has been unleashed after James Robinson was traded to the Jets. Kyler also put down the sticks and put up some points for Zeke. Heery's highest scorer? Not Lamb, Pittman, Hunt, Pickens, Freiermuth, or even the Cleveland Defense, but Marcus Mariota with nearly 31 points! Still wasn't enough.


Week 9 Preview

I refuse to make two bottom-level teams a part of the Game of the Week, so I will go for David (6-2, second) vs. Tom (6-2, fifth). Tom's second GotW appearance in a row shows his fortitude in staying in close games. I would say the quarterback matchup is a wash, but Josh Allen has proven himself worthy of a potential 1st round redraft pick. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens need a classic, MVP, Action Jackson game from him. So does Tom if he can get a W.

Our reigning champion and current scoring leader by almost a full game, Zack (8-0, first) is gonna do his absolute best to keep his winning streak rolling against a downtrodden Zeke (2-6, eighth). Pray for an upset folks. Who knows how powerful and egotistical our fearless co-commish could get?

Reagan (6-2, third) takes on a red-hot John (4-4, seventh) who is in the hunt for the last playoff spot.

Corey (6-2, fourth) is ready to bash his beefy, meaty football team against Jordan (1-7, last).

Lastly, Zach (5-3, sixth) is ready to smash up a sad, bye-week-riddled, Heery team (2-6, ninth).


Weekly Pick 'Em

Heery (Last Week: 4-2, Overall: 39-9)

Zack, Tom, Reagan, Corey, Zach, Bettis

Reagan (Last Week: 5-1, Overall: 36-12)

Zack, David, Reagan, Corey, Zach, Bettis

Zack (Last Week: 3-3, Overall: 35-13)

Zack, David, Reagan, Corey, Zach, Bryce

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