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Week 9 Review and Week 10 Preview

We love sports! John has been the hottest winner so far, winning four-straight weeks after starting 1-4. He's firmly in the race for a playoff spot with an over-performing Tua Tagovailoa and a performing AJ Brown. On another note, his name still makes no sense and he deserves to be widely embarrassed for disrespecting the game of fantasy football. Got some really ugly losers, too, but they won't be winning many games until 2027...


Week 9 Review

Zack wins again, smothering Zeke's hopes and dreams, 149.85-116.25

Zack's reign continues to be supreme. Try to enjoy the greatness we're seeing, I guess. For some reason, it looks like Zack is going to blow through the playoffs with GENO SMITH, who scored 27.55 points last week. Justin Jefferson and Derrick Henry both scored over 20 points for Zack. Zeke rode the likes of Kyler Murray (24.75), Travis Etienne (25.60), and tight end Dallas Goedert (20).

David continues to keep climbing toward Zack in the standings, throws Allen wrench in Tom's playoff push plans, 139.75-107.75

David keeps on keeping on and Tom barely reached 100+ once more. Josh Allen scored 26.85 points on a sprained elbow, Miles Sanders put up 15.30. New England won in real life and helped David jump over Tom's final score with 26 points. Tom used Davante Adams' fat 30-piece and Lamar Jackson's mild 20.85, which pulled along DK Metcalf's 5rec/37yd/1td line.

Jordan gets half his points from tight ends, loses to Corey, 106.40-77.00

Corey continues to win, despite some scares. Joe Burrow put up 23 points and Corey Kupp continues to Corey Kupp the NFL and its sorry defensive backs. Jordan reached deep into his bag with Cade Otton and Cole Kmet. Both scored. Both put up 15 points. Both almost beat out his quarterback, David General Mills, with 17.6 himself.

Please, God, help: Zach beats Heery by a trillion, 192.20-70.25

This Thanksgiving, Heery will put Kenyan Drake's name on his cut-out, paper turkey at school. Drake scored twice on Monday Night to put him over 70 and not his projected 55 points. Tyler Allgeier also yarded 123 times. On the other hand, Zach kissed Joe Mixon on the lips post-game after a four touchdown performance. Patrick Mahomes also had 40 points and the Dolphin Duo, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, combined for 30 again.

Reagan offers sacrifice to fantasy kicker god, sorrows continue as John rolls out fourth straight victory, 124.00-118.35

No "Poor, Reagan" will be said. That little stinker. He finally played his top-scoring quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, with 21.05 points. Austin Ekeler finds the endzone another time or two with 20.60 points. Stefon Diggs also had a measly 11.80 big ones. Tua Tagovailoa put up 300 and 3 next to Nick Folk's ironic spitting into Reagan's face, scoring 17 of his own. Christian Kirk and AJ Brown combined for 30; Zack cries softly in the corner with his trophy and undefeated record.

Bettis takes on Bryce, wins second game of year, 117.95-89.05

Bettis found a good one in Jalen Hurts. Heery still claims to have believed in him early, but who actually knows? Seems to be a star fantasy player. Curtis Samuel surprises again with 15.60 points and Ken Walker II hulk-smashed a smooth 26.40 points for Bettis. Bryce hugs his new pal, Terrace Marshall Jr., who had double-digits. Mecole Hardman also scored and Noah Fant apparently had 100 yards.


Week 10 Preview

Game of the Week is between David (7-2, second) and Zach (6-3, fourth). Josh Allen is up in the air to play, so David may need to lean on Taylor Heinicke to beat his opponent. Zach's Big Three (Pat, Tyreek, Waddle) is coming off a really solid week together. David is thanking the fantasy gods that the Bengals are on bye (Mixon).

Our reigning champion and current scoring leader by almost a full game, Zack (9-0, first) is gonna do his absolute best to keep his winning streak rolling against a weakened Corey (7-2, third). Pray for an upset folks. Who knows how powerful and egotistical our fearless co-commish could get?

Reagan (6-3, fifth) faces up against Tom (6-3, sixth) who can hurdle Reagan in the standings with a victory.

John (5-4, seventh) is ready to take another romp into town to beat Heery (2-7, tenth).

Zeke (2-7, eighth) begs for some smiles against Bryce (1-8, eleventh).

Lastly, Bettis (2-7, ninth) is ready to play Jordan (1-8, dead last).


Weekly Pick 'Em

Heery (Last Week: 4-2, Overall: 43-11)

John, Zeke, Zack, Zach, Reagan, Bettis

Reagan (Last Week: 5-1, Overall: 41-13)

John, Zeke, David, Zack, Reagan, Jordan

Zack (Last Week: 4-2, Overall: 39-15)

John, Zeke, Zack, David, Reagan, Bettis


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